8 Best Backpack Mount For 360 Camera


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The backpack mount for 360 camera helps you capture amazing moments in an easy way. As we search for an even better way to shoot while walking or moving from point A to B, backpack mount for camera does a great deal of a job in that aspect.

Maybe you want to take a hike with your family and capture the adventure throughout the journey. With this hand free technology that just needs to be clamped around the backpack strap, this gives it enough room for you to place it at different angles. Most of them are easy to install.

8 Backpack Mount For Camera 360

One of the greatest advantages of this technology is that it allows minimalist packing. You do not have to carry a lot of equipment with you and you definitely don’t need to carry them on your shoulder or arm. It offers you an opportunity to capture even while on the move.

1 . TELESIN 360

Helps You Take Video From A “Lower Than The Helmet” view

Telesin 360 backpack mount


This backpack mount for 360 camera fits any photo accessory with a standard Gopro, Insta 360, Dji Osmo action.

All you need to do is wear it on your back and watch how it captures all your pictures and videos without having to use your hands. It has a convenient feeling and allows you to clip the camera on a clamp and take it on a field trip.


Telesis 360 has the following features

  • Compatible with Gopro, hero 8/7/6/5 osmo action, Insta 360 camera.
  • Has a 360° rotation to help you capture any perspective you want.
  • Simple clamp that holds fast to the backpack straps.
  • Aluminium alloy connectors for better service life.
  • Portable and adjustable corrective perspective.


Telesin cost $14.90 on the Amazon website.


Best For Outdoor Enthusiast

Skenz backpack mount


Gives you the ability to film without doing much with your hands so as to make your trips hassle free. The 360 camera mount allows you to capture varying contents that you can see with your eyes. There is a fixed plate which allows distributed point fixation which keeps the focus and makes the shot a lot more stable. It is made of up nylon material and ranks #22 in camera mount and clamp.


Skenz has the following key features

  • Adjustable shoulder pad.
  • 360° rotating base.
  • Back of the backpack shoulder mount strap has a non slip material that prevents the shoulder clip  from falling free.
  • Has a quick installation process.


Skenz cost $12.99 on the Amazon website.


Amazon’s Choice For Gopro Backpack Mount 

Suwero backpack mount


A portable and adjustable backpack mount for your camera. It has a 360° rotation base that can take pictures and videos at multiple angles. It allows for multistage rotation and adjustments that meets your filming needs  The material is an elastic nylon and polycarbonate with a high quality PC material at the back that prevents the clamp from slipping off.

Note: Clamping range is 50mm-80mm.


Surewo has the following features

  • High quality velcro that makes it easy to hold tightly and firmly.
  • Shock absorbing elastomer reduces camera shake to enhance video quality.
  • Compatible with Gopro hero 3,
  • The interior is made up of a nonslip material that is soft and comfortable to wear in a long time.


Surewo cost $11.99 on the Amazon website.


Best For You tuber, hiking, cycling and skiing.

Fantaseal backpack mount


Made of high quality ABS plastic for a tighter grip. It has a simple design and makes sure to secure tightly while shooting. It has a powerful anti shade 360°. Once you have secured it to your backpack, you can easily roll it to any angle. It is portable, lightweight and compatible with the IPhone model. There is an easy installation feature that allows you to fully install and clip it to your backpack, hat or shoulder strap and take epic shots.


Fantastical has the following key features

  • Metal thumb know screwed for easy fixing of the camera without tools.
  • Water resistant.
  • Offers 360° rotation.
  • Anti-slide clip with powerful spring.


Fantaseal cost $11.91 on the Amazon website.


Amazon’s Choice For Stuntman

Stuntman backpack mount


Creates a stable environment for your insta 360 backpack camera by mounting it to the shoulder strap of your backpack. It is Compatible with numerous camera brands and made with high quality waterproof material that helps to minimize the risk of a failed video shooting. Creates a nice fit with its strap measuring up to 2.5 inches wide. This package is shipped in a heated sealed and clear plastic


Stuntman has the following key features

  •  Ball joint allows you to point camera in numerous direction.
  • Velcro brand tape.
  • Stainless steel fastener.
  • In the shipped box it contains ; Pack mount, ball joint, two prong adapters and a Thumbscrew.


Stuntman cost $29.99 on the Amazon website.

6. SUWERO 360°

Suitable For Outdoor Activities

Suwero 360 backpack mount


This is the newest backpack clip mount for action camera and gopro model. However, it is an upgraded version of the old model. While it still retains the basic function of the original, the ball point can be turned to 360° and has an easy to adjust shooting angle to achieve any type of video capturing. Enables you to work other things with your hands while still shooting.


Surewo 360° has the following key features

  • 360° ball joint design can be adjusted to any angle.
  • Low area sawtooth holds on to the object.
  • Backpack clamp to clip on shoulder for easy walking.
  • Backpack clip that can adjust to any angle.


Surewo 360° cost $11.99 on the Amazon website


Best For Outdoor Backpackers

Taisioner backpack mount


This device is mostly used by hikers who climb or walk for miles and want to capture the whole experience.  It is very versatile, lightweight and  can easily be installed. Taisioner has a basemount that can rotate 360° and can also be adjusted left and right in 45°. The clamp can support and adjust your camera to face both front and back. Compatible with all camera with a standard ¼ adapter.


Taisioner has the following key features

  • Ball head of J style to twist it to any angle you want.
  • Convenient and easy rotating method.


Taisioner cost $11.89 on the Amazon website.


Professional Gopro Mount For Backpack Strap

karuizi backpack mount


Originating from China it is a lightweight, adjustable camera shoulder mount available in black and compatible for gopro camera models. This insta 360 one backpack mount has an adjustable left and right rotation adjustment that allows for 140° movement.  Made of silicone material and weighs about 5kg it is long lasting and holds upright throughout the process of filming.


Karuizi has the following key features

  • High water resistant level.
  • High quality PC+ABS plastic clamp.
  • Two types of adjustable buckles with multiple gear suitable for different thickness.


Karuizi cost $16.99 on the Amazon website


There are lots of qualities you may be one the lookout for when finding the best backpack mount for 360 camera. One of the qualities to best search for is versatility, affordability and safety. Know fully well that the best backpack mount for your camera is one that completes and is compatible with your equipment.